The Soledad Community Health Care District (SCHCD) was originally named The Soledad Community Hospital District when it was established in 1948. In the early years, the district’s service to the community was limited to providing ambulance service to the City of Soledad and surrounding areas.

As the years passed, it became apparent that developing a hospital was not feasible. Yet the need for medical care was still present so efforts were redirected toward establishing a medical clinic and skilled nursing facility.

In 1989, the Soledad Medical Clinic was opened as an outpatient, family medicine, rural health clinic.

The Soledad Medical Clinic provides high quality healthcare services to the people of Soledad and surrounding communities. SCHCD is committed to providing broad access to high quality health care for infants, children, adults, and seniors, and to administering a wide range of programs which greatly enhance patient access.

In 1993Eden Valley Care Center, a skilled nursing facility, was opened adjacent to the medical clinic on our 2 ½ acre campus.

The Eden Valley Care Center provides an exceptionally high level of patient care and was designed to include amenities that provide a high quality of life for residents. Professional care and related resident services are provided by highly trained and conscientious employees. The quality of the living environment is further enhanced by a legion of dedicated community volunteers who support resident activities and programs. Volunteer support includes assisting with feeding, bingo, singing, vis

Eden Valley residents enjoy a fully functioning “Happy Days” soda shop, an Atrium, the Fireside Room, and a magnificent garden that is filled with hundreds of plants, vines, and flowers that residents and families enjoy throughout all the seasons of the year.iting, gardening, and social and religious activities.

Ida Lopez Chan CEO of SCHCDIda Lopez Chan – “As a new CEO, I oversee the organization’s financial health and I also oversee and work with the leadership team in ensuring our staff health and our staff success. We work hand-in-hand with the leadership team to ensure both organizations and facilities are working to the best of our abilities to meet our community needs.”

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The Soledad Community Health Care District is federally designated as a Medically Under-served Area which serves a Medically Under-Served Population.

Four demographic criteria are used to determine this designation:

  1. The percentage of families living at or below poverty level;
  2. The number of residents over 65 years of age;
  3. The number of primary care physicians serving the area;
  4. The infant mortality rate.

The Soledad Medical Clinic is the primary source of medical care in Soledad. Many of our clients are low-income migrant families and their children. Their healthcare needs are many and varied, and many of our clients have multiple health issues.

The Soledad Medical Clinic provides valuable services for residents who seek local, high quality, and accessible care. South Monterey County residents have limited access to public transportation. This means that the 40 mile trip to Salinas or King City for medical care can be an insurmountable barrier because many residents do not have access to an automobile.


Soledad is the fastest growing community in Monterey County. Compared to the more urban areas of Monterey County, Soledad has a statistically lower average household income, a larger family size, a larger percentage of minorities, and our population is primarily employed in agriculture.

During the next five years the city’s population growth is expected to continue growing rapidly. As the community grows, so does the health care needs. Identifying and meeting the needs of the Soledad community is our first priority, thus the Soledad Rural Health Clinic seeks to expand programs and services to serve the growing local demand.

The population of Soledad at recent census was just under 23,000. The clinic is accessed by a population that includes the surrounding communities and rural areas in south Monterey Count. This adds an additional 30,000 people to the area that seeks our Medical Clinic services.