Waffle Day 2013!


Dr. Harry put together a holiday coffee bar for the whole staff! That doctor was one busy barrista! What great holiday spirit!

On Thursday, November 29, 2012, we welcomed a visit by Dr. Will Lewallen, Ph.D., President of Hartnell College, as he toured our Soledad Community Health Care District campus. He was very impressed with the “first impression” of our nursing home and family practice clinic. Dr. Lewallen was pleased to find them clean, well organized, and fully staffed. He was particularly impressed with the high energy and enthusiasm of the staff and the pride they individually exhibited. Dr. Lewallen also commented that the staff enthusiastically showed pride in their work environment and their facility. Dr. Lewallen was so proud to be met and greeted by five licensed nurses who are successful graduates of the Hartnell School of Nursing.

(Pictured Left to Right: Rebecca Grabeal-1993; Berenice Johnston – 2008; Dr. Will Lewallen Ph.D. ; Liliana Amaro – 2011; Catherine Solorio – 2008; Merly Alipio – 2009)

The nurses shared their memories and personal experiences of their time in the Hartnell nursing program and how it “changed their lives,” for themselves and their families. These were moving and heartfelt exchanges and obviously a meaningful experience for the college President.

The nurses also stressed to Dr. Lewallen how important Eden Valley and the Soledad Medical Clinic are as “clinical” nurse training sites. Our facilities are excellent training ground for the reasons Dr. Lewallen commented on, that the facilities are well-managed, clean, and highly organized. Additionally, the attitude of the nursing staff is much different on this campus toward “student nurses in training”. Our nurses are patient, helpful, accommodating, and courteous. The Hartnell graduates loved it here at Soledad as student nurses and now they are happy to share their experience and enthusiasm with future nurses as members of the current nursing staff.
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